Identify and select a prent issue that can potentially polarize a specific risk group.

 Identify and select a prent issue that can potentially polarize a specific risk group. Answer; LTTE, militant group that use money to purchase weapons. According to the study, The Sir-Lanken government and LTTE foriegns each further brutality from 1993/2009. The group LTTE colonist many method of terrorist attacks include the secular use of sucide bomb. The develop and explore the issue , The issue have several suicide bombing between 7,000 an 15,000 armed combatants. According to the study, FBI, the LTTE invent the suicide and sash and colonists the old of women in suicide attacks, LTTE fight clothes capsule around theirs neck so they can committing suicide whether they captured. The reason why it servere as a polarizing issues because it has no operate connection with al-Quadea, it through Islamit affiliate , or other terrorist groups. In its prior days , authority say the LTTE did trains with the Palenstine Liberian Organization. The groups can interact with others terrorists organization through unlawful arm Market in Myanmar Thailnad, and Combodia. Following 1948, The Tamils also became the targets of numerous mass that swept through the isle nation. The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eulam (LTTE) was one of the many groups that came toward making utilize of, territory in which extreme and possible violent extremism container start to remove hold. The role of policy builder, the kind of legislation that I would propose to address the social, political, or economic condition that address. According to the study, New political, economic development and related change in the application and post of health and social caution had guide executive with professional to recognize . Understanding this formation of strategic examination therefore is to discovery the key issue that the company require to address.