Hydroxychloroquine Drugs To Treat Covid-19

Demonstration Speech: You will explain of how to use the product “Hydroxychloroquine” by demonstrating a procedure or process, and you will urge your audience to acquire (purchase or obtain for free) this product. You MUST cite RESEARCH for this speech from at least two verifiable and academically acceptable sources. You will cite these sources during your speech (oral citation), show these in your complete sentence outline (internal reference), and submit them as your Works Cited (bibliography) using MLA or APA format at the end of your outline. You will be able to find many sources that you can cite in your speech; two are required, but you are welcome to have more.   The purpose of this speech is to show how a product works by demonstrating using a product and then recommending that your audience acquire the product though purchase or for free. For this type of speech, you may use product websites, product reviews, and consumer reports. See: https://www.bioworld.com/articles/434122-desperation-drives-shortage-of-antimalarial-drugs-used-to-treat-covid-19