I’ve posted two videos: Hillary Clinton’s Speech at the Democratic National Convention and Donald Trump’s speech at the Republic National Convention. THESE 2 VIDEOS ARE ON YOUTUBE. There are several informal fallacies employed by each candidate to make their case against each other. Choose three different statements, delivered by each candidate, and correlate with three different informal fallacies, one for each statement. For example, when Donald Trump says, “Hilary Clinton is a corrupt politician. Everything she says is a lie,” he is using a ad hominem, which is used to focus on abusing the person rather than abusing the arguments the other person is making. Choose three statements that you think are informal fallacies. Name the fallacy (e.g. “Begging the Question”). Write out (i.e., quote) the statement/informal fallacy. Do not include the quote in your word count. Write about 250 words explaining each of the three statements/informal fallacies that you use. Why do you think the statement made by Clinton or Trump is an informal fallacy? Explain. Keep your opinion out of this exercise. In the end, you should have 750 words (not included quotation). Focus on analysis. I’ve posted a video demonstrating how this should be done.