How To Identify Your Delegate

Every other year, the entire Virginia House of Delegates is up for re-election. This happens in odd-numbered years, so this year in 2019, all delegates are on the ballot. Identify the Virginia House of Delegate Representative that represents you/your area and his/her opponent (if they have one). The attached doc may be helpful if you don’t know where to start. How 2 identify your delegate.docxPreview the document Navigate to their webpages. 1. Pick an economic position each candidate holds on an issue. (the issues don’t have to be the same for both candidates, for example, you could do legalization of marijuana for one and the pipeline for his/her opponent ). If the position is marginally attached to economics, that’s fine, just say so and tell me why. 2. Describe the position in 2 or 3 sentences. 3. Identify whether the issue, as framed by the candidate, is: micro or macro-oriented entirely normative or somewhat positive in nature deals with any aspect of market failure – specifically public goods or externalities. addresses any aspect of government failure – e.g., rent-seeking, unfunded mandates, etc. **** If your representative is unopposed, just choose 2 issues for the same candidate instead of one issue for both ******