I chose chapter 6 in the book cited here: Livingston, D. (2019). HEALTHY DINE NATION INITIATIVES Empowering Our Communities. In Indigenous food sovereignty in the United States: restoring cultural knowledge, protecting environments, and regaining health (pp. 173–185). Norman, OK: University of Oklahoma Press. it discusses how the tribe initiated a junk food tax and the result of that tax. My topic is arguing that there are better alternatives and to show how other studies how proven it to be an ineffective method. At least as a stand alone. My professor only said the world organization citation should not be used. the below is the assignment details (GE Upper Division Humanities [C] Critical Thinking, Sustainability, and Diversity; Diversity SLO; CS SLO [1,2]; MCGS PLO [1,2]) The aim of the research project is to dive deeper into a specific topic addressed in the course by writing an argument for one side of an issue, including making a real-world connection through an interview in the community. The research paper includes four parts: outline (3 points), annotated bibliography (10 points), interview (9 points), and paper (30 points). The outline, annotated bibliography, and interview are graded as credit/no credit. The paper is graded using a rubric. I have already done the interview outline and annotated bibliography. I just need the main research paper. the interview, and three sources from my annotated need to be included along with other strong scholarly sources.