Healthcare Worker’s Burnout The main purpose of a research proposal is to identify and argue for the value of a specific research inquiry.

Purpose: Healthcare Worker’s Burnout The main purpose of a research proposal is to identify and argue for the value of a specific research inquiry. You should also convince the reader that you have a competent strategy to investigate the area of inquiry. You will receive feedback on this Rough Draft from both fellow students and your instructor. The final version will be handed in as a part of the Final Capstone Proposal Essay due in Module 8.Instructions: Each of the below sections should be in paragraph form. The bullet points describe what needs to be covered each section. Please note the final product will be an essay. The Roman Numerals describe the section headings and the bullets explain the content that should be included in paragraph form under the section headings.I.Introduction● Background on issue● Definition of terms● Significance of issue (i.e., broader impact)II. Synthesis● Look at your problem and then think of different sides of the debate. You want to describe the different currents of thought. ● The Synthesis can also describe chronological unfolding of the problem or issue through sources.● This should be a development of the synthesis section that you included in your Literature Review III. Methodology: ● What kinds of information will you need for investigating your question? How will you get that information? These include: data, statistics, interviews with classmates and experts, archives, secondary reading, historical analysis, different newspaper reports, etc.● Include any survey that you may use. The most compelling Proposals usually use a variety of methods.IV. Annotated Bibliography:● Summaries of 4 sources (could be those that you used in the Literature Review or four new sources) and how you intend to use the sources in your writing After you have written these sections in the proposal, please write a few well-developed paragraphs on the following section: Ethical Process and Research Implications● After demonstrating that there is a problem in the current research or discussion in the proposal, your Capstone paper will argue for a particular resolution or solution. Do you at this point have a hypothesis of what you will find? ● How will you make sure that your research process is fair and unbiased regardless of whether or not you already have a hypothesis?● Finally, explain what you expect the completed research to add to our understanding of some broader set of analytical or ethical issues in the field. In other words how does your research question converse with a larger set of ethical theories in your discipline?Length: 2-4 pages (between 500-1000 words)Research Requirements: You will synthesize at least 4 peer-reviewed scholarly sources