Health Information Governance And Strategic Planning

When conducting testing on a system the common approaches are: Unit Testing (Testing of individual units or modules) Integrative Systems Testing (Testing the entire system as one) Debugging (Correcting systems problems). For your assigned option, prepare a plan for testing a system. Assigned option: Your system testing is based upon the new software system for release of information for a health information management department. Your 350 to 400 word response should include the system testing , interface management and data exchanges. The plan should reflect the test, components, date, and responsibility for your assigned option. Use a minimum of two scholarly sources (one source may be the government website), other than textbooks, in the preparation of your testing plan in APA format Textbook: Glandon, G.L.,Smaltz ,D. H., and Slovensky, D.J. (2014). Information systems for healthcare management (8th ed).