Health Care Organizations Utilize An Increasing Number Of Types Of Health Care Personnel, Each With Their Own Set Of Credentialing, Licensure, And Certification Requirements

COLLAPSE Context Health care organizations utilize an increasing number of types of health care personnel, each with their own set of credentialing, licensure, and certification requirements. Nurses are the largest category, but advanced practice levels are developing for many categories of providers. Shortages are growing. Human resource management is critical and involves administrative and strategic elements. Environmental forces are impacting human resource management. Instructions Please respond to the following: Describe two environmental forces that are impacting human resource management in health care organizations. Refer Table 12.1 in Chapter 12 from Introduction to Health Care Management. Provide suggestions on how these two environmental forces might best be addressed through human resource management, initiatives, and actions. Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts. What are two risks of the solutions that your classmates described in their post?