A research paper (4500 word minimum, double-spaced, 12 pt font, 1 inch margins) will be prepared based on the results of the research conducted/project undertaken and integrate elements of your ASD and/or ESEA. Data and results can be presented in tables and/or figures as appropriate. The title page, acknowledgments, and references do not count towards the 4500 word minimum. A thorough literature search is required and at least ten peer-reviewed references need to be cited using APA style. The format for the report is shown below: Title Abstract (condense the entire paper into a few sentences, 250-300 words, that contain the maximum amount of information) Introduction (what did you set out to do and why?) Materials and Methods (how did you do it?) Results (what did you learn?) Discussion (what does it mean and how does it relate to what else is known?) Acknowledgements (recognize individuals who contributed to the study or financial support) References (you need at least ten peer-reviewed references (use APA citation style) appropriate for the research topic for full credit.) I will upload my current progress on this paper, which needs to be proofread/edited. A large portion of the context is already present in the document. The current plan is to discuss more about the other aspects of ground hazards (liquefaction, ground shaking, soil amplification) to bulk up the overall length of the paper. I have revamped this paper several times to increase the length, so its a bit jumbled.