General Guidelines for Writing Read & React Posts

General Guidelines for Writing Read & React Posts: This requirement comes in two parts. READ & REFLECT: Read at least 2 of the articles on the reading list for each week. Post your reflections and critical comments on the course topic. For each post: (a) identify 2 main takeaways from the week’s readings and briefly explain why these resonated with you – these should be critical reflections and NOT summaries; (b) pose a critical question about the topic for another student to answer. Discussion board postings must be substantive and at least 150 words long. At the end of each post, list the articles you chose to read for that week. Use APA 6th format for your citations. REACT: Post a response to another student’s critical question (see 1.b) for that week. These comments must be substantive (at least 100 words long). Once the discussion answer is posted, I will be able to provide a screenshot for the write to respond to for this part. Articles to be used ( Choose at least 2)–workbook/ehr-group-purchase/EHR_Group_Purchase.pdf;rgn=main