Garden Of Earthly Delights Altar

**An annotated bibliography is a bibliography that includes a brief comment about how the source is useful to you in the research project. Write an annotated bibliography that has a minimum of 5 sources which pertain to the part of the project that you researched so far. As you write the following parts of the research project, keep track of your sources. You must cite them using MLA format. After I have approved the topic, write a description of the art-work or artifact. What is depicted or represented? What is it made of (i.e. “oil on canvas”) How big/small is it? Note anything you think is significant about what you see. Research the artist and culture that produced the artwork or artifact. Work on this on a regular basis, devoting some time each day to reading and researching. Don’t put it off. What were the artist’s interests? What was the culture like at the time the artwork/artifact was made? (Try to read the art through the eyes of the artist or culture that produced it.) Add your findings to the paper. Note what other scholars have said, and cite them correctly in the paper. (MLA style manual) Copies of the MLA style manual are available in the library reference desk, and online. You are allowed to disagree with scholars IF you have good reasons for doing so.