Forensic Pathology

 Write a 4-page essay (not including photos and references) on one of the topics listed below. Use Times New Roman font size12 with 1” margins and double spacing. Projects must be e-mailed to me by Friday, November 8th. 1. Describe the main types of death investigation systems in different countries, highlighting the strengths and weakness of each system. Illustrate how the coroner system in the US varies from that in England and Wales, and how the Medical Examiner system evolved into its current state. 2. The estimation of time of death has always played a significant role in death investigation. Discuss the different parameters used to make this determination and how the time interval can be estimated. What are some of the limitations encountered in this process? 3. Discuss the different methods of identification used in the Forensic Pathology setting, highlighting the pros and cons (including general misconceptions) of each method. When possible, include specific cases to emphasize your argument. 4. Gun violence in the United States accounts for most homicides in the Medical Examiner setting. One of the most important factors to be considered when assessing these cases is the range (distance between end of the barrel of the gun and target). Discuss the characteristic features that help in estimating range of fire, including limitations/artefacts that may lead to errors in the determination. 5. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death, particularly in the younger age group. What are some of the most significant risk factors and investigative criteria that the Medicolegal death investigator must look for in order to properly assess the case? How does the Medical Examiner reach a final determination as to a manner of death of suicide?