Ethics & Current Events Dilemmas Assignment

Ethics & Current Events Dilemmas Assignment Purpose: The goal of this assignment is to select, critically analyze, and discuss a current events topic, like COVID- 19, using Kidder’s 4 paradigms of ethical dilemmas.● Truth vs. Loyalty● Individual vs. Community● Short-term vs. Long-term● Justice vs. Mercy Dilemma Paradigms present us with what appear to be impossible choices between equally good values. However, in order to properly characterize a situation as ethics-related, we must solve the problem of identifying the correct dilemma paradigm(s) at play. For example: recall the Trolley Problem discussion from Module One, which confronted us with a choice between individual vs. community. Instructions:This assignment asks you to first locate a current event. Then, in a 3-4 page response (double-spaced, 12-font, Times New Roman), do the following: 1. Summarize the current event (issue) you selected (you may include a link to the story/article).2. From Kidder’s typology of paradigm dilemmas, select and propose one or two dilemmas that you think best solve the problem of how to characterize the ethical dimension of the story you have summarized. For example, a story about a government whistle-blower confronts us with the problem, or dilemma of choosing either loyalty to the institution or truth of unethical practices. 3. Defend your selection of paradigm(s) with reasoning and support from the textbook