Do you see the importance of possessing the quality of humility, as a leader?

 I just need the question answered I have included the whole post so you have some background. Question: Do you see the importance of possessing the quality of humility, as a leader? “Love thy neighbor,” is a prevalent theme in the Bible. How does one effectively make decisions that show “love” while taking into account the results of objective forecasting tools? We all like to think that we are being objective, but are we, really? Dr. Russell Razzaque, MD, states in an article for Psychology Today, that we all like to think that we live in a world where facts and certainties are what make up reality, and this is where we want to operate–in facts and certainties. I mean we all want to be more like Sgt. Friday (detective on one of the most famous of police shows, many years ago) as he would say: “Just the facts, Ma’am!” All we want to deal in are the facts. Right? But according to Dr. Razzaque, “the problem is that the deeper science delves into reality, the less everything seems. We have know for a long time that all of the matter we see around us is composed of atoms and that these atoms are, in fact, mostly empty space. The screen you see in front of you is actually mostly empty space.” (Razzaque, R. 2012, Psychology Today) He goes on to say that this idea has actually disturbed a lot of people, but this idea is known as the Copenhagen Interpretation, which is a branch of science that has much credibility and lets us know that much of the world out there is not not as objective as we always like to think it is, and therefore neither are we. Dr. Razzaque also goes on to say something that really hit me. He states that in all we do, given the fact that we are not as objective as we like to believe, we should approach everything we do with a degree of humility. And I agree! This is where love comes into the equation, when it comes to the subject of forecasting, or anything else we do as leaders. When we approach what we do with humility (love) then we will make greater gains with both our mission as well as those we partner with, in that mission. I am convinced that those we team up with, or those who report to us, will respect us more when we meet them with a certain degree of humility and love for them, and the result of our efforts will demonstrate this in a magnificent way. Do you see the importance of possessing the quality of humility, as a leader? Razzaque, R.,(2012) The Myth of Objectivity: is it ever possible to be impartial? Psychology Today