Do You Feel That Bell Hooks’ Critique Of The Film “Paris Is Burning” Is Persuasive? Why Or Why Not? Do You Feel That Her Issues With The Documentary Are Valid?

 Your paper should have a clear introductory paragraph that includes the names of both texts/authors, as well as a clear, original and argumentative thesis statement. (If you are feeling stuck when trying to come up with a thesis statement, please refer back to the thesis statement handout and to chapter titled “Three Ways to Re- spond” in They Say, I Say). Your paper should also display clear transitions between body paragraphs, correct usage and citations of quotes, at least one quote per body paragraph, and a solid, focused conclusion. Additionally, I ask that you incorporate at least one additional source from your own research into this essay. This source should not be a text we have read and discussed for class. The source you choose should in some way contribute to the argument you are making in your essay, whether the source providers evidence that supports your thesis, an anecdote that could serve as a “hook,” or an opposing viewpoint that you’d like to refute. The goal is to practice finding relevant sources and using them in a meaningful way. Source 1 : Source 2: “Paris is burning” documentary Source 3 – any additional source