Discusses the difference between “revising” and “editing.” What does each involve? Each is important.

Revision Plan Assignment Congratulations! You’ve drafted your Capstone Project and shared it with other class members; putting a draft out there is often an anxiety-inducing act, but you’ve done it! You’ve received feedback from your classmate(s) and instructor, so now, you are armed for revision. Let’s think about revision and construct a plan. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to encourage students to appreciate the usefulness of true revision and to ensure that students develop a plan and timeline for project/presentation revision. Instructions: Please compose and submit a document that accomplishes two tasks:● Discusses the difference between “revising” and “editing.” What does each involve? Each is important, and indeed editing can be a part of revising, but (this is a hint), revising asks for more than simple corrections. Write a well-developed paragraph that discusses the importance of revision. Sketches out your plan for revision: a. What needs to be done? b. What is the priority for revising your Capstone Project? (That is, how will you spend your time efficiently?) c. Do you have questions about feedback and what it suggests about revision? d. If so, where/how might you find answers to those questions? e. Will you create a revised draft and possibly revise again, or will one revising session do for you? f. What is your timeline for revision? g. How does editing fit into your revision? Do you have questions about editing? Where/how might they be answered? This document needn’t be terribly formal, but it does need to be thorough. It serves to let your instructor know that you’re ready to get to work on your final draft, and it serves to remind you of how you will revise well. Suggested length: 1-2 pages. Formatting Expectations: Please submit your work in an APA-formatted document (title page, header, paginated, double-spaced, Times New Roman font. The first part of your submission must be a well-developed and coherent paragraph of 150-200 words. The second part of your submission needn’t be in essay/paragraph form but can be a simple “list” (a bulleted list would be fine). Writing in complete sentences, respond to a-g (above) with at least 1-2 sentences each and more if they are needed. The second part of this assignment should serve as something of a “to-do” list for you as you work through your revisions, so the simpler and clearer it is, the better.