Discuss the candidate selection system today. Is a national primary a good idea?

PLEASE NOTE: I do NOT review drafts. Only your paper’s final version is graded, so please make sure to submit your final version by the deadline shown below. If you have any questions about this, please call me immediately at (ENTER NUMBER), or send me an email. Chapter 9 covers Campaigns and Elections. Topic: Discuss the candidate selection system today. Is a national primary a good idea? Why or why not? Please follow the guidelines shown below: Pages: minimum three (3) FULLpages (excluding Sources/Bibliography) in Word format. Sources/Bibliography page MUST be included. Minimum three (3) sources. Use and cite secondary sources such as books written by professional scholars or accurate/reliable online content such as Encyclopedia Britannica. DO NOT cite Wikipedia or any other non-professional/non-academic websites. These parenthetical citations (or footnotes/endnotes) MUST be included. DO NOT copy and paste any information unless you are quoting it. Spacing: Double-spaced. Font: 12. Submit your work to me via Canvas’ Turnitin(do NOT email it) no later than Saturday, 04/10/2021, 11:59 PM. PLEASE NOTE: Turnitin provides a “matching score”. For example, a score of 20% means that 20% of the submitted assignment matches material in the database and 80% of the text is either original or not in the database. Please keep in mind that Turnitin does not tell what context of outside source materials is used in the paper, therefore the matching score does not necessarily indicate plagiarism (for example, Turnitin does not identify legitimate quoting from outside sources). Ideally, your matching score should be 20% or less. However, in general, I start to get concerned about plagiarism of the matching percentage on a paper like this is above 30%. So, if your draft shows a high matching percentage, you may strongly want to consider rewriting portions of your paper before you submit the final copy. For more information about Turnitin, please see the presentation: How to Use Turnitin to Your Advantage (Links to an external site.) posted in the Course Information Module and also under Week 10. I will NOT be reviewing the draft –it is purely for your information only. Don’t wait until the last minute to submit your draft. It may take some time for Turnitin to generate a report, and even more time for you to make any necessary corrections. If you need assistance with writing or issues surrounding plagiarism, please be sure to contact the Center for Academic Success. IMPORTANT: The Term Paper portion of this assignment represents 14% of your total course grade, so please submit your assignment on time.