Disaster Management Planning For Urban Poor Communities – Pad 4301

Assignment Description: Write a research paper (min 2500 words not counting reference list) about an informal settlement physical intervention (eviction, relocation/resettlement or upgrade) with the aim to reduce disaster risk. Use a variety of sources (Minimum 5 sources). Each student must do a quick pre-research and identify a slum/country and post it on the google doc on Canvas Week 6 for instructor approval by Sunday Week 6 (first come, first served) LATE PENALTIES APPLY FOR LATE PROPOSALS. DO NOT STUDY POLICE INTERVENTIONS OR SOCIAL PROGRAMS, IT NEEDS TO BE EITHER AN EVICTION, RELOCATION OR AN UPGRADE WITH A CLEAR PHYSICAL COMPONENT. THE INTERVENTION NEEDS TO BE ALREADY IMPLEMENTED NOT JUST A PLAN. Your final research paper should be a comprehensive description of the government/ NGO / Community organized physical intervention, characteristics of the case, disaster history and a critique of the approach implemented based on the content studied in class. Content (all should be included in paper) (100 POINTS): Introduction to the study area (10 POINTS): location map, country, city and slum name, population. Socioeconomic characteristics (20 POINTS): History of the slum, how long has it been there? How did it come to exist (rural migration, displaced population? etc.)? Who lives in this slum? What types of jobs do they do? Disaster history of the city and slum (20 POINTS): hazards in the slum area, vulnerability analysis and a vulnerability table (physical, environmental, social and economic). Describe each vulnerability as it applies to the slum and also summarize it in a table, see example below. Provide both. Description of urban intervention (eviction, relocation/resettlement or upgrade) (30 POINTS): (This should be the biggest section of the paper) When did the intervention start? Describe the goals of the intervention. What are the actions taken by the leading agency: government or NGO? How did the community react? Discussion of the results (10 POINTS): Use readings from class, the week covering your specific intervention type (eviction, relocation or upgrade). What are the results of the intervention? Was it successful? How to do this type of intervention better for all involved? Reference list in APA style Assignment Specifications (10 POINTS): Times New Roman, Font Size 12, Single space. 1 Inch margins. Cite in text using the APA guides provided on the course library. Citing in text means to paraphrase and credit your source (i.e Brown, 2012). Always, always cite the source of your information. No direct quotes at all. Paraphrase and credit your source with APA in text citations i.e (Brown, 2018) Use a variety of sources (Minimum 5 sources). Include a reference list at the end in APA style as well. Does not count towards word count. Do not cite Wikipedia, Encyclopedia Britannica (all definitions of terms for class are provided in the readings), Atlas Obscura, Culture trip or any blogs, non-academic or non-official publications. See our academic sources policy in your syllabus. Include a title page. NO ABSTRACT or summary section. Start with section content on bullet point #1. Organize paper by the sections described above (number 1-6), one section per topic. Give each section a name appropriate for the content. Pictures and graphs are encouraged. Provide source and a short description for each, underneath. Spell-check and re-read your responses. Grammar and sentence structure is part of your grade. Quality writing is a skill at all academic levels.