Demonstrate your proficiency in critical thinking by showing the weakness(es) in their strong and weak arguments.

Demonstrate your proficiency in critical thinking by showing the weakness(es) in their strong and weak arguments. Remember: YOUR WORD COUNT MUST BE AT LEAST 250 WORDS. In each section. Respond to the essay below demonstrate your proficiency in critical thinking by showing the weakness(es) in their strong and weak arguments. ESSAY: Why do we continue to move backward and creating more racist groups such as the “Black Live Matter” group? We want to end racism, but we cannot accomplish anything if we continue to create these groups. “Black Lives Matter” is a movement created as a racist response to whites and other races. We want everyone to know that “All Lives Matter” will continue to move forward and end racism together. We freed slaves and have given a better system for everybody to be given equal opportunities. We do not see the color we are all one. Unlike black lives matter group, we want peace and equality. We all want to encourage you to go out and vote. That is how we make changes to a better future, not by violent protesting and looting. We will make changes once we all start heading to the voting polls. Select officials that will make changes to protect citizens. “Black Lives Matter” these three words are a cry to end racism and fix a broken system that targets African Americans. We have made some progress, but that is not enough progress if we look at the statistics. We want to fix the outdated system in many different outlets. These include schooling systems, housing, job opportunities, incarceration, and the main topic to this day police brutality against African Americans. We have had enough, and the “Black Lives Matter” movement has only given us that small hope for a better future. We are tired of living in the shadows of uncertainty and fear. The only real change we have seen is the number of African Americans being murdered at the hands of police officers, who are supposed to protect us. We ask that you look at this matter from the other side of the legal and ethical side. People say arrest those who have broken the law and do illegal activities, and to that, we say yes, arrest those who have murdered George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Erick Garner, Sandra Bland, to name a few. Unfortunately, this list goes on and on. “Black Lives Matter” is not a movement of racism is a movement of unity to show government officials, and everyone else that we are not going to stay silent. We will continue to protest for what we believe. We will continue to kneel even if we get called “SOBs,” like the president once said. We have that amendment right, and we will continue to fight for equality gracefully. “Our” so-called government did the bare minimum to protect us while the pandemic was spreading. However, they sure did everything they could to beat us in the streets and militarize our cities, sending police officers with shields to protect themselves from exactly what? People that one the best for our community? “Black Lives Matter” is not an anti-white movement like many have portrayed it to be. We want everybody to see us and see the suffering that African Americans and many other minorities have encountered throughout the years. “Black Lives Matter” is a movement that speaks up for what is right because we are tired of not being able to breathe! Till the day we have officials who will truly stand up for us and listen to the citizens of this country, we will continue to protest the injustice of all forms. We cannot and will not continue to let these acts against African Americans continue. We need things to change weather it is defunding the police, providing better and less-lethal training to the police officers, or whatever needs to be done. We do not want George Floyds, no more Sandra Blands anymore. The stories and continue to repeat themselves, and that needs to end now. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has only given the attention to these issues that they require, and that makes people uncomfortable, which is why they accuse them of being anti-white or anti-other races. Pay attention and open your eyes to the real problems going on.