Compare And Contrast Martin Luther King’s ” I Have A Dream” Speech.. Barak Obama’s Speech On The “Anniversary Anniversary Of Selma”… “Leave Your Name At The Border ” By Manuel Munoz And “Becoming American Beyond The Melting Pot By Mark A Gray

This essay needs to have a clear and interesting question at the top of the page (title) that is directed to the four sources Use your knowledge of the readings to answer the question from each sources point of view using quotations and paraphrases to support your writing.Since you are sharing the source’s answer, you will need to write this in the third person. You must introduce each one of your Authors and use at least one quotation and one paraphrase from each source. Remember when using quotations even if a paraphrase you must cite your source. For quotations, be sure to follow the following format…. main idea, author, quote, explanation, analysis and then a transition sentence. Identify the points and ways in which the readings overlap and support each other. Finally, you will answer the question (title) and explain how the four sources have had an impact on your opinion. This should be at the end of the essay.