Classical And Operant Conditioning, Intelligence And Intelligence Testing, Sensation

1.    Read about Classical and Operant conditioning and provide two real life examples of each.


2.    Read about Intelligence and Intelligence Testing. Compare and Contrast Binet and Wechlser’s approach to intelligence with Gardener’s and Sternberg’s approach.



3.    Read about Sensation and Perception. Describe the differences between bottom-up processing and top-down processing.


4.    Read about the brain and neurotransmitters. Choose a neurotransmitter and describe two of its major functions in the brain. –


Each discussion should have at least 2 sources (Textbook info and 1 outside reputable source) The text book is: Experience Psychology 4e King McGraw Hill 9781260916829 (Book link: This text should be used in all the 4 questions.


I’ve requested 5 sources. (1 is the textbook and 1 other source for each discussion)