Choose a single medical career occupation of interest to you and one that you are intending to pursue.

Directions: Choose a single medical career occupation of interest to you and one that you are intending to pursue. You will be required to research that occupation and address all those points listed below. You are required to use the American Psychological Association (APA) format when referencing your sources for this research paper. Use the Citation Machine website to help you accurately cite your reference sources into the correct APA format. The paper must be computer generated, double spaced, and created using Arial 14 font. The paper should also include the following: Include the page number in a footer on the bottom right hand of every page. Include at least one table, chart or graph (that you created) within the text of the paper. Include at least one image within the text of the paper. Include a word count of the paper and include that number under the title of the paper. Include an appropriate Table of Contents. Include the resume/curriculum vitae in an identified appendix. O*NET Online at is an ideal site to begin your report. You are also required to use (and reference) at least two additional sources when researching your topic. In support of the College’s Writing Across the Curriculum initiative, this written assignment will be assessed using the attached writing rubric. Therefore, it is important that you review the rubric and frequently refer to it as you complete this writing assignment. The following twenty-one (21) topics must be addressed in your research paper. You do not need to write the paper in the presented order of the headings identified below. Job title(s) General definition of the medical occupation Qualifications Education Critical course work Licensure/Certifications Identify the most common sites where this medical professional is employed at Job status Employee vs. independent contractor Identify the primary job responsibilities/critical tasks. Discuss the general work activities performed in this occupation Identify the tools and technology used in this occupation Identify and explain the knowledge, skills and abilities commonly required in this occupation Knowledge is an organized set of principles and facts, i.e., the book smarts, required to be successful at a specific occupation. Skills refer to the required psychomotor abilities necessary to perform the specific job duties. Skills refer to the necessary ability to physically manipulate some type of tool or instrument. Abilities are general, enduring attributes (may be unrelated to the specific demands of the occupation) of the individual that influence performance Identify those personal characteristics that are required to be successful in the profession Identify those personal characteristics that might hinder ones success in this occupation Characteristics of primary customers/patients Demographic profile Psychographic profile Risks associated with occupation Type of work environment Required special training/on-the-job training/clinical training Wages and employment trends National, state and local Interests (general characteristics associated with the profession that attracted you to this occupation) Work styles (personal characteristics that can affect how well someone performs a job) Work values (global aspects of work composed of specific needs that are important to a person’s satisfaction) 19. Describe a typical work day for this medical professional 20. Identify the primary professional organization(s) of your chosen occupation. What are the major periodicals/research journals of the profession? 21. In your conclusion, address the following two questions: 1. Has writing this research paper changed anything in regards to your pursuit of this career choice? 2. What steps will you need to take from this point forward to accomplish your goal of gainful employment in this field? Give specific timelines.