Case Analysis Business Forecasting

In a single paper, address the following cases, identifying each one with a major section heading (and subheadings as needed): Review Case 1-2 (this case provides background information for the Consumer Credit Counseling cases) Review Case 3-3 and answer Questions 1-3 Review Case 4-3 and answer Questions 1-6 Review Case 5-3 and prepare Report (as indicated in the Case) Review Case 6-5 and answer Questions 1-5 Review Case 8-5 and answer Questions 1-2 Review Case 11-3 and answer Question 1 As you address each case, be sure to apply specific concepts and practices from the assigned readings for the course. Provide your responses in an MS Word or PDF-formatted document, using specific section headings to differentiate each answer. The response should be formatted as a double-spaced document with a title page, per APA Guidelines. Please do not provide block quotations from the case study, rather, provide your own analysis of the case. It needs to be at least 8 pages long. I will also include the uploads to the related studies and questions.