As a Bible-believing Christian, have you ever been ‘nervous’ about how to answer an unbeliever regarding Creation and related subjects?

 I only need this question answered but I have provided the post that went with the question for help undertanding the question. As a Bible-believing Christian, have you ever been ‘nervous’ about how to answer an unbeliever regarding Creation and related subjects? Science and the Christian faith are often seen as being at odds with one another. However, discoveries in various scientific/statistical fields actually provide support for how precisely God shaped His creation. Discuss this assertion. This subject used to trouble me, in my younger years. It had nothing to do with any doubts on my part, as to God’s Hand in creation, but I had little understanding in regard to how this took place, and mainly how I may put forth some sort of explanation to the naysayers that I seemed to come in contact with, frequently. I have come to realize that the reason this perplexed me so, was that I had a calling from God on my life, and I possessed an inherent curiosity, from The Lord, that I might eventually proclaim His Word. Another reason was that I was openly ridiculed, in class, by an liberal professor, in a state college that shall remain unnamed. This professor knew my Father, who was a fairly well-known Baptist Pastor, and he sought to make mockery of my Dad’s conservative stand. I am extremely happy to be attending a University that seeks out qualified experts in the subject at hand. You see, the world doesn’t have a monopoly on intelligence and talent. To put it in my own country-boy vernacular: The Devil’s atheist scientists don’t have all the brains! One of our own, Dr. Steven Ball, is a physicist and professor at LeTourneau University. In 2003 he wrote about the age of the earth, A Christian Physicist Examines the Age of the Earth, (Ball, S., 2003). He writes, “This author proposes that we try to look at the scientific evidence without any theological filter. Let the scientific evidence have an independent voice from that of the Bible. Then, and only then, can it provide independent support for or a denial of the claims of the Bible. Let me remind the reader that although science is a human enterprise, conducted by fallible human beings, the scientific evidence is being gleaned from the universe, which is the handiwork of God.” (Ball, S., 2003, p. 9) One of things I love about this is that he states that we should approach the study of science without attempting to “make it fit” the Bible. We should simply allow the evidence to show itself and then we can compare it to The Bible. This is such a fearless approach and it is refreshing to me. Dr. Ball further states that when many independent sources are all giving similar answers, then we can have increasing confidence in the results. (Ball, S., 2003. p. 10) Given that science is basically a study by fallible humans, I can expect some degree of error. Everything they may claim is not to be taken at face value, yet the Christian has no fear of the evidence of science, because we are confident in our God. He created this earth and the universe at His Pleasure. A Christian Physicist Examines the Age of the Earth (Ball, S., 2003) Dr. Stephen Ball is a Professor in the Arts and Sciences Department at LeTourneau University, and is the author of many publications.