Applying Social Media To Higher Education

I am creating a YouTube channel for the college students I teach to reference ( I teach dental hygiene so the videos will be on how to properly use the instruments). The dental hygiene department needed these video to enhance student engagement and learning. As it is difficult for the students to grasp hands on Concept from reading and sometimes students even Decipher the information wrong. Paper requirements: use media of your choice to develop a program or resource in response to the department’s need (I am creating the above) write an accompanying paper which academically lays out the problem or work needed, discuss using media as a solution or resource, and support the choices you have made with its development, based on research. Please use “ social media in higher education by heather rowan-Kenyon, Ana Martinez aleman et al.” As one of the references the book is available free at Junco, engaging students through digital media chapter 6/7 is a good source as well Thank you!!!