Application of Balanced Scorecard

Paper 2: Application of Balanced Scorecard Students will apply the practices of performance management presented in Kaplan and Norton’s (2001) “The Strategy Focused Organization” to a real, existing organization. Students can choose to focus on their respective places of employment or another organization with which they are very familiar and have access to a senior manager. This paper should be written to the organizational leadership, and present: (1) the concept and benefits of strategy mapping to their chosen organization, (2) a proposed Balanced Scorecard for the organization, explained and justified in light of current strategic priorities and operations, (3) the impact of tracking operations and performance across various functions. Students should leverage their primary texts for the course, while also conducting their own literature reviews as needed in addressing the case. This paper represents an application paper/case study and should adhere to APA formatting guidelines. The paper will range in length from 7-10 pages of text, not including title page, abstract, references, exhibits, or appendices.