Alignment And Strategic Planning

General Guidelines for Writing Read & React Posts: This requirement comes in two parts. 1. READ & REFLECT: Read at least 2 of the articles on the reading list for each week. Post your reflections and critical comments on the course topic/s. For each post: (a) identify 2 main takeaways from the week’s readings and briefly explain why these resonated with you – these should be critical reflections and NOT summaries; (b) pose a critical question about the topic for another student to answer. Discussion board postings must be substantive and at least 150 words long. . At the end of each post, list the articles you chose to read for that week. Use APA 6th format for your citations. 2.REACT: Post a response to another student’s critical question (see 1.b) for that week. These comments must be substantive (at least 100 words long). I will send a screenshot of another student’s post when it becomes available in the next few days. 4 Articles:(Choose at least 2 to use)